Thursday, January 2, 2014

Whole30 D2

Day two.... easy breezy....

Woke up early, I had a smoothie - cranberries, banana, spinach, coconut oil, kefir and two eggs. The Kefir isn't actually Whole30 approved but I only use about 1/2 cup, its made from pastured organic milk that has only been lightly pasteurized and I make it myself so I think the "bad stuff" is really minimal and the probiotics really help my belly an enormous amount.

Worked and wasn't hungry at all! Lunch hit and I had salad and some meatballs leftover from yesterday that were Whole30 compliant.

TONS of water... but I always drink water... I feel like a fish....

After work I went to the gym. I started on the bike for about ten minutes to give my knee injury a break after yesterdays hike but the dang bike was SO boring... I couldn't take it longer then fifteen minutes. I switched over to the treadmill and just walked for another fifteen minutes. I wanted to run SO bad but I am really going to keep my knee protected for a bit longer so I stayed at about 4 mph on an incline.  Then I worked the weights with upper body.... and my plank and squats .... cus THAT is so fun....

After the gym it was shopping (Birthday party weekend for two of my kids!) and I was exhausted .... to exhausted to cook. I grabbed the kids Taco Bell and heated up the last of the meatballs, stir fried some broccoli slaw and bam... there was dinner.

Energy is good.... mood is good.... I know that the next few days will be a challenge but I am up for the challenge! No birthday cake and ice cream.... no junk food.... I am going to allow myself some extra fats (good fats) and protein to get through it . . . .

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Hike! Whole30D1

Had a great day today! Spent the day hiking in the woods with my kids and playing on the beach I know we had a minimum of a one hour hike but the reality is we went way longer then that. My gym was closed for New Years so I will go tomorrow at lunchtime!

Whole30 day One was a bit screwy because I forgot half of my lunch and was worried about a lack of protein so I ate some pepperoni which was NOT Whole30 compliant but I felt the fat and protein was a better choice then a sandwich!

Breakfast - 3 eggs scrambled in olive oil with kale, peppers, onions and garlic
Lunch - carrots, celery, tomato, pepperoni slices and an avocado
Dinner - meatballs (ground beef, fresh parsley, egg, garlic) with sautéed kale and onions.

My knee held up ok, it was a bit sore about ten minutes into the hike but then seemed to stabilize and feel better. I actually forgot it was bad for awhile!

Also started a plank challenge (today was only 20 seconds lol) and a squat challenge (will see how that goes with my knee....)

but here are some pics of our beautiful hike and fantastic way to ring in the new year!