Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grateful heart and restarting

I haven't posted in awhile. I was busy going on my way, hit my HUGE 25 pound weight loss and joined a BLC challenge on Sparkpeople. Life was bumping along.

Then the worst experience of my life happened. Driving home and saw a horrible wreck with a car still upside down on side of road, people trapped inside.

Saw a woman holding a baby, yelling about a boy on the ground.

I recognized in that awful moment it was my two daughters and my two grandchildren.

There are no words that can convey the horror of that moment... of the moments following... of the screaming that poured from my soul in ways that I have never experienced.

What happened next was a blur of lights, police, ambulance (who arrived after I did) and my children's screams. It was rushing to the hospital behind the ambulance and hysterically running into four rooms to look at all my babies faces. It was shock and absolute gratefulness that all four children survived a car wreck in which they plunged down an embankment and flipped 4-5 times. All over a deer. One lone deer crossing the road.

God is good, all of them were spared. My sweet 12 year old cheerleader has a serious concussion but was out of the hospital the next day. My adult daughter is in pain but is moving. The grandkids came through with bumps and bruises. Praise God.

I recognized several days ago I am having serious tummy issues... I feel bloated and tired... I am edgy...Initially the fogginess and exhaustion I contributed to the trauma and stress of accident (and that probably is partially true) but I also began to realize I wasn't paying any attention to what I was eating AND I realized that I haven't exercised since the accident. Ouch.

My diet has been a mix of hospital food, lots of comfort food as I cooked for my daughter. She wanted spaghetti... manicotti... mashed potatoes... cinnamon rolls, coffee cake and lots of bread. I am more then happy to give her anything that makes her heart happier right now and didn't give any thought to eating it myself.

I don't do grains. Grains hurt my belly bad. Really bad.

SO, I am recommitting to the Whole30 again. I think this is the best program to clean up your system and feel better. My teenager is flying back from a month in Oregon on Tuesday and will definitely need to adjust to a better diet as well. She has gallbladder issues and is in quite a bit of pain when she eats any form of gluten and grains so... Tomorrow will be returning back to our home and starting back on the whole30 to get the entire home back in shape. And I will begin running again.

I am almost to the point I can breathe again... almost.... the bruises and marks still panic my mama heart....