Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back in the saddle again

I realized that I have forgotten all about this blog, likely because I was so busy with my entire world turning upside down that exercise, internet and blogging were at the bottom of my list. A down and dirty list of changes since July?  Oh well.... after the accident I realized I did not want to live 2200 miles from family anymore so I quit my job, fell in love, moved 2200 miles away, left my love back in Arkansas, moved to a new town, started a new job, made plans for my love to join me, had the flu, busted up my knee and finally.... JOINED THE GYM!


After knee injury from falling off the rocks and dangling over the ocean while the tide came in.... not something I recommend.... I began to wonder if I should pursue the 5K now that I have 2 bad knees. Well... I am not giving up yet however the first two runs I did (SHORT runs) resulted in swelling of the knee. It was zero fun. So I joined the gym, plan on working off the weight and maybe once my muscles build and my weight goes away I can once again start jogging.

There is a 5K in my future. I know there is. I just don't want to bust up my body in order to achieve it!

So, now I am settled in a cottage by the sea, I have only two.. TWO kids with me. I have a great new job that I enjoy, I am able to go to the gym daily. What's not to love?

I will keep updated. I am at Sparkpeople but I am not sure that I always find it the most helpful, primarily because I don't follow the standard diet. All the "low fat" and "sugar free" topics just scream CHEMICALS to me, and since I work hard to avoid that well. . . . sigh . . . But support and interaction is good! I can vent here :D