Tuesday, June 4, 2013

long (or short) lost wogger

I just realized I have not posted in almost two weeks! Part of that is because I have joined Sparkpeople and I realize that so often I post and track over there (icamp2 is my name there if you are on SP) and I don't get over here as often. However, blogging here I have a sense of freedom... maybe here I am a bit more open, I feel safer to spill my emotions that roll like the waves....

Well, I am giving up C25k for about five weeks. Not because I want to, however with a house full of foster children, bio children and my now freshly graduated teenager in Oregon for a month, I honestly don't have any way to run outside because nobody can watch the kids!

So, I have done a few things to keep on the right track until July when she comes back.

1) I have jumped back on the Whole 30 just to clean up my diet, well, except for today, because I was stuck at McDonalds and a mini Mcdonalds at that... so they didn't even have a salad :( I settled for a wrap and called it good since I logged over 5 miles walking at the zoo with six children!!!

2) I am doing the Jillian Michaels Shred each day - I love this workout and feel just sore enough to know its working when I am done. Except today. Because I logged 5 miles... with six kids... at the zoo.... (im stuck there)

3) I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge on SP. I think this will hold me accountable because I am part of a team, and if I screw up, well, the team screws up. I can't let a team down....

SO, if my theory works out well, then when Kiah returns from Oregon. I should be able to pick up at week 5... well.. ok, maybe do week 4 again.

Honestly? This is frustrating. I won't lie (here anyway) I do sort of feel like things were just headed in the right way for exercise and eating right then I have a houseful of kids (aged 17 months, 5 years, 8 years, 9 years, 10 years, 12 years). However... days like today, taking them to the zoo, watching them play, knowing they are safe.... well... it makes changes to my "routine" pretty bearable.

However... the McDonalds on the way home? well.... somethings gotta give... :)

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