Thursday, May 23, 2013

Week 4 day 1 - Not too shabby!

I had the last three days off of running due to weather, graduation of my daughter, family visiting and more. I have been doing workout videos ... Hello Jillian Michaels and Hello pain and agony!

BUT no running. The storms from Oklahoma moved here and made the idea of running outside dangerous in many ways so I was a bit worried I would lose my momentum.

Last night we went to the park to run. Of course, there was Miss Fitness. I now have 2 of them, MF1 and MF2. At least MF2 will smile and act somewhat sympathetic to my ginormous self running but the other one, I swear she laughs at me...

Frustrated that they are there but I think forget it, I'm going... Then the podcast that tells you when to run and walk doesn't download. I was REALLY bummed too because week 4 has a Michael Jackson podcast and well.. that sounded pretty cool! Which, by the way, these are my favorite podcasts yet! Check them out if you are doing C25k!  MJ and other fantabulous podcasts!

Point being, I found a different podcast, week four begins the alternating 3 and 5 minute runs. I don't even know WHAT podcast I found but it was not good. At all.

We warmed up, went for first 3 minute run and it wasn't even hard! Then halfway in the 5 minute run I realize that its STUCK! Like an old record, I didn't even realize a podcast COULD get stuck? So I ran until I couldn't run, reset it and tried again, well it reset from beginning... I will save to boring details ... Suffice it to say was no bueno. Somewhere in there I saw two more people come walk the track, but they were like me... then two beautiful in shape blondes joined in... jogging.. speed jogging.. past me... ugh.

BUT the whole point is I went! I did what I could do, I really need to stop comparing myself to perfection out there. That is easier said then done though!

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