Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve - New Years Plan

Well this last two weeks has been a crazy up and down ride of emotions, from scared to frustrated to relief to just wondering what the hell makes any sense anymore!

It started with cold tingling feet... leg swelling.... high blood sugars... thoughts of blood clots and chest surgery... Oh the joy... one hospital visit and three Dr appointments later I think I am narrowing in on what is happening.

The bad part? Doesn't look like jogging is anytime in my immediate future.

The good part? I am alive! And overall pretty healthy....

So, it turns out I am diabetic... ouch.... which isn't a huge surprise because my maternal and paternal family is full of diabetics (parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) but I have really worked hard to stay healthy so I am not very happy.

I have a problem with a swelling leg... its NOT a blood clot or a host of other things but it "MAY" be an injury that is draining into leg (not doing MRI at this time due to not having the ability to take time off work for surgery etc). This makes sense because I had a bad fall in October which banged my knee up. It was swollen and purple for weeks.. sigh... OR the swelling could be my lymph nodes draining - which also makes sense because I have increased my fermented foods/kombucha etc in an effort to detox.... and the Dr. even grudgingly admitted that could be part of what is going on.....

And it looks like some kind of auto-immune stuff going on.

SO the answer? I have zero clue. The Dr. and I argued over medication (and my refusal of meds) and stated that he is giving me 30 days to show that I can manage my numbers and make changes for the better. So, I am. I go back January 31st.

I have thought about this quite a bit in the last several days and think that the very best way to manage at this time is to engage in another Whole30. This will not only manage my blood sugars but also begin working on a lot of the auto immune issues that appear to be plaguing me...

I think I will record my progress here and over on SparkPeople. I think its somewhat ironic that it lines up with the new year!!!

So HERE is to 2014!!!

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