Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spoke too soon!! 5K in APRIL!!!!

I JUST blogged about not doing a 5K anytime soon. See what happens when I make plans? The universe conspires against me!

Over Thanksgiving weekend (which I actually lost a pound, Thank You!) I was talking with my three lovely young adult daughters (when did they become adults??) and we decided we are all going to train and do our first 5K together!

Each spring our area has a Pear Blossom Festival with a 5K run. I have wanted to do this since I was a child. I remember our school secretary training for it, I would watch her jog by in her purple sweat suit and terry cloth headband and I would dream of being HER! She gave me advice to run from one telephone pole then walk to the next and alternate.... I tried so hard.

Nobody advised me that I would have to pay money.... and drive 50 miles away.... and have an adult... so that dream was lost.

However I secretly have always wanted to do it so here we go! That gives me roughly 17 weeks to get ready to run my first ever 5K!

SO excited!

I  worked out today, spend 25 minutes doing cardio (elliptical) and 30 minutes on weights. It feels good, I had so much energy afterwards! Plan on starting Yoga this week as well, though I have to admit to being more then a little intimidated by that!

Here goes the first week of December!

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