Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm gonna do WHAT??

I'm doing WHAT??

Jogging. 5k. Race.


 Er... no. See I am 37 years old, I am about 70 pounds overweight. I have five children. I hate exercise. I work full time. Running sucks. I have a broken knee, or at least I did four years ago. I'm fat. I have curly hair and its hot out. I think runners look like idiots. I am a fat lazy couch lump who would rather read a therapeutic book then walk outside. I hate exercise.

So, why am I starting the Couch to 5k program?

I don't know. It started with realizing that bending over was becoming hard. I realize that its a familiar feeling... I have had five children. My baby is ten. I guess I can't blame the pregnancy for this feeling anymore.

I have realized more and more how unfit I am, and also realized I am not getting younger. Or cuter. Or better hair... but that can't be fixed with jogging.

However I have been thinking of what I can do to get healthy again... I have begun eating better and that's great, but when I sit all day for work (Hey, I'm a therapist... hard to run laps while analyzing a three year olds brain!) and then come home and sit doing casenotes (ok, sad excuse). So I need to get healthy!

Option A - Join a gym. Er... I live in rural Arkansas. The Ozarks. Town of 400. Not gonna happen....

Option B - Buy a home gym ... ya right. I'm going to invest 800 bucks into equipment I may not use?

Option C - Home exercise videos. YA right? And I would do this with my children lined up to offer advice? Laugh? crack up at mom's moves... er... no

OR final option? Jog!

I don't jog. I covered those reasons earlier, or at least that is what I said to all the runners in my life. THEN... I woke up one morning and remembered how much I loved jogging when I was young. I even remember my first purple and teal jogging suit and how I would jog for hours (well, seemed that way) and how good I felt...

So, armed with some google searches, some podcasts and comfy sneakers.... (and an extra 75 pounds) I am off...

I have no idea where this is going. In theory I can run a 5k in 10 weeks. I think 20 weeks is more realistic.

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