Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 2 - Epic Fail

I don't know what happened today....

Week two ups the run times to 90 seconds. I had plans to jog during boychilds baseball practice but found ourselves ready an hour before practice so decided to run first and relax at practice.

Got to the track, walked five minutes.... no prob, went faster then I remembered.

First run - easy breezy

Second run - not a problem but Hannah clunked out, she had run too fast and her side hurt.

Third run - My legs seized up! It wasn't that I was tired or out of breath, no. My muscles just tightened and said no more. None. Zilch. Not moving.

I walked through the next 90 second run hoping that this would help, even stopped and stretched twice, but they were so tight, almost like having a Charlie horse in your leg but without the pain.

I stopped at twenty minutes and I am very frustrated with myself. 2 days ago I did fine and today nothing.

Some thoughts?
- heat and humidity? This is the first day I have ran when it was hot (85 but muggy)
- dehydrated? I drank a lot of coffee this morning and no water today. I am sure it didn't help!
- double layer of clothes? I had a spandex jog tank top on with a tshirt over. It was hot. Seriously hot. and not in a good way.

I'm wanting to go jog again today... we shall see how far this gets me.... I am frustrated :-(

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