Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week 1 day 1

I am ready! I have read up on what I need to know (go slow, drink lots of water, eat food after, expect pain)

I strapped on my old shoes (first mistake) and my motivated 12 year old was my cheerleader. We dropped the boy at baseball practice and prepared to run the first run

And then I ran into the exboyfriend. Ugh. In running clothes. With no makeup. Not a grand moment... I wanted to shrink my 240 pound self into the car...

BUT we went off with our podcast... I warned her that I may struggle. 5 minutes of walking then 60 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking... alternating for 30 minutes.

First 5 minutes - awesome! I'm feeling good... pass some people on the street but I feel ok....

First jog - ouch...

second jog I turned from a dog and BOOM... im jogging uphill. I can't breathe. My chest is tight. Am I having a heart attack??

Third jog... my shins are about to split in two. I can't breathe. Reality is setting in....

Fourth jog and I realize we are not making it.... 12 year old cheerleader is laughing.. MOM!!! You can't jog anymore?

I decide as long as I keep briskly walking then its better then nothing.... so I keep walking, SHE decides that we need to take a shortcut back to practice, I agree.

We made it 22 minutes. SO... week 1 day 1 wasn't quite a flop. It was more then we did the previous day but we didn't make it.

**** The following day I thought I was going to die. My legs and shins hurt so bad I can barely walk. I am stiff and several times believe that my legs may give out under me. No Bueno.

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