Saturday, May 4, 2013

Motivation ... Where art thou?

Motivation is zero, actually about a negative 4.

I ran on Monday which was a fail... Tuesday I planned on joining Curves so that I can alternate run with Curves (that's a different post altogether) but I was rerouted to ER with my daughter (she is fine, multiple tests later but that's a different post)

Along came Wednesday, perfect day for a run! Except I worked late, got home late, was dark and raining. Ok... Thursday is the day....

Thursday was the school play. I worked until 5:30 and play was at 6:00. Of course when we left I had to take my thespian and family out for dinner at Cheeseburger and tots and 9pm meant no exercise and a whopping lack of energy.

Friday Hoooray! I'm so ready to exercise AND I got my new running shoes!!!! And I forgot that I had to pick up three extra kids and cook dinner and it was POURING outside....

So Saturday morning I will run. I promise. I will get out on the track..

Guess what. It is the town Yard Sale today... I will not humiliate myself by running on that track in front of everybody. I should be strong, I should use my positive reinforcement skills. I am a freaking therapist for criminy's sake. I should overcome. But Shame is strong. So here I sit.... typing my frustration.

Tonight. I will go tonight. Scouts honor (did I have to be a scout for that to matter?)

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