Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 2 day 2 C25K

I worked late, had a rough day with several kids struggling and found myself thinking ... "I just want to run"

Wow! WooHooooo! Which, its a good thing I want to run because it ended up being a bad food day. Very bad food day. As in Taco Bell for dinner and a diet coke. So I needed some activity!

I ran yesterday and have been working hard to alternate running/nerd fitness strength training. yesterday's run was cut short, not necessarily because I wore out but because it was REALLY hot and I live at the top of a BIG hill. I was going to jog the way around but realized that I may not make it up that hill if I didn't go home when I did.

It's not much but its better each day and that I will be thankful for!

So, back to today! I came home, handed the taco's to the kids (my kiddo was going to cook dinner and then let me know she had zero clue what to do with the chicken breasts left out... at 7pm....)

I threw on my sneakers and jogging clothes, they quickly joined in and off we went to the running track. I made it for the first 20 minutes and my shins began to hurt. I slowed down the walking segment and of course, it put me just in line with Miss Universe... Miss Fit as a Fiddle.... and my self esteem plummeted, I couldn't jog in front of her and so I stopped, slowed down, did a brisk walk for the last 20 minutes.

I could beat myself up but I won't. I did 30 minutes of exercise plus 10 minutes of strength. I'll take that :D

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