Monday, May 6, 2013

Workout of the day!

First...  I didn't jog yet. Nope. Raining like I still live in Oregon. I am seriously irritated BUT I did get my new kicks! I am the proud owner of a new pair of Asics! I am pretty excited, they were a good buy off of Amazon for 65.00 compared to some other sites I looked at. I know.... all recommendations are to go to a running store and have your feet measured, tested and all that. Maybe someday but while I live in rural Ozarks, Amazon it is! I did choose these ones as they came up in multiple recommendations for overweight runners. In this pic... I hadn't tried them on yet... I can't run in the rain with them because they may get wet and dirty and.. oh yea... isn't that the point?

However, the lazy being I am (cmon, I had to work hard to get round like this!) decided I don't want to run in the rain. I am considering joining Curves, but in the meantime I need to be doing SOMETHING so I found this amazing workout... brought to you courtesy of my kitchen bench and a gallon of milk!!!


So I began looking for basic strength training at home for idiots like me that have zero coordination and find workout videos to be so frustrating I give up. I did some googling and found THIS!!!

YES! Something I can DO! Well... er... it actually went something like this.

Strap on my new shoes (wow so tight! Wasn't expecting that, thought they would be dreamy to put on... er.. no... can feet lose weight?)

Jog through one end of my house to the other for three minutes, then realize I could be like Rocky and add jogging up and down the stairs to my back and forth jog (hey, I'm a hero in my mind!)

First Circuit - armed with good music and a water bottle...

20 squats - easy breezy
10 pushups - done
20 lunges - ok... ouch but ok
10 dumbbell rows - breeze (am I doing it right?)
15 second plank  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA seriously?? who makes this torture up. Ten seconds pushed it
30 jumping jacks - is breathing absolutely necessary?

Took a chug of water and back to circuit 2
20 lunges... my right leg wobbles and won't hold weight... stop at 15
10 pushups - barely
20 lunges... oh shit... did those... I'm supposed to do squats... 9 squats later I feel like throwing up...

Well boys and girls... that was my awesome workout for the day. I'm pretty out of shape... BUT I won't get discouraged! NOPE! Just like this pic.... I did more then yesterday...

***EDITED to add... I went back and did the third circuit after about ten minutes of rest. No idea if that is smart or not but I did it!

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  1. OMG! Katrina, this had me cracking up!!! I absolutely know what you mean though. There is a picture on my SP page that mentions dry heaves and I absolutely relate so I had to post it. LoL!!!