Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 3 day 2 .... and 2000 degrees out

I did day 1 on Monday, I did the first 90 run, no problem. Second run is 3 minutes and I made it almost through... The next 90 run I made it through but then my leg just stiffened completely in my calf. It was like a charly horse but it didn't hurt. My leg was just stiff and solid and would not move at all... I walked and stretched it out but it did not help at all. It just was solid and stuck and wouldn't move. I quite after 20 minutes.

Yesterday I didn't strength train, I did absolutely, well, nothing. Nada. Except work, watching my senior baby girl accept a scholarship check at a dinner, then my 12 year old baby girl/cheerleader accept a medal at her middle school concert for Solo Ensemble, and by the time all was said, I fell into bed exhausted.

Today I got home and threw on my shoes, I have been jogging on the track at the park, however I live in rural Arkansas town in the bible belt... the track is across from the church... the church I don't go to any longer... so my son Jake and I took off on a run around the area.

Bad. Idea.

It is about 90 out and very humid. I live on a hill, so big of a hill it has its own name... WHY I thought running these hills was a good idea I do not know.

SO, in all my brilliance, Jake and I set out. I ran the first 90, no problem. The first three minutes was mostly flat and I did it with a brief stop because... mark my words... HE COULDN'T KEEP GOING! Yup! I outdid my 10 year old baseball/football star! HAHAHA

Ok, anyway... so when it came to the next 90.. well that was all up hill. A big hill... as in... geometry could make some angles out of that thing...

Jake and I were both huffing and puffing by then so I walked the last ten minutes home. I feel zero regret about it considering that it was absolutely killing my calves. I am sure I will feel that tomorrow.

Then, after cooling down, I did a ten minute cardio video and a ten minute strength video from Sparkpeople. I guess I am new to the game because I didn't even know that existed! It's a bit overwhelming but I have joined and I am doing the 28 day exercise challenge.

Overall... an ok day fitness wise. I would be thrilled if my scale finally started to move though...

but that's another post :)

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